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Bentley the Pibble

Chemo- Round 1

April 29th, 2016 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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SleepingBToday Mr. B went in for an abdominal ultrasound to check if there were any more tumors or visible cancer formations. Good news there was nothing! I was going to wait a bit longer for chemo, but the oncologist said she thinks he’s healthy enough now to start so he also started his first treatment. When I picked him up he had more energy than usual and I could see more life in his eyes. (He didn’t have any tramadol today which i think is where his extra energy came from) however, the second we got in the taxi to come home he passed out on the floor, which is not like him. Normally he moves from window to window but he was calm this morning so I’m not worried. I was thinking maybe since he was walking well out of the hospital he would be able to walk a little bit home. Boy was I wrong he was stubborn and only wanted to walk the direction away from home. After standing in the same spot for 10 minutes I carried him to the end of the block and then made him walk the rest of the way home (which took a neighbor getting him excited to move).
In other news he has been able to walk down stairs with my assistance using the web master harness and walk up some. It is amazing that when he wants to move he can with no problem. He just learned if he stands still more people will come by and pet him.

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  • otisandtess

    Based on our experience only, Otis sleeps pretty much the day of chemo. Once he gets in the car, sound asleep on the backseat. The next couple of days will be ok, still lots of sleeping. On chemos 1 and 2, we saw diarrhea (1) or squishy poo (2) around day 5. By chemo 3, we started feeding rice and chicken breast for about 4 days after chemo and didn’t have that problem. Nausea (mild for us, but requiring Cerenia) began after chemo 2. Symptoms for us were restlessness, lip licking and drooling. Generally, his energy levels start to pick up the weekend before the next chemo. Every experience differs, but don’t be surprised if he sleeps a bit more than normal or seems a bit off. Obviously, if it gets excessive, call the vet so they can do a CBC to check his white blood cells. I wouldn’t push on the walking – I actually cut back from our normal routine of every day to 3-4 times a week. And Otis at least has really improved on the stairs – I let him take it at his own pace, and now he comes down unassisted in a very controlled manner. So, my 2 cents is keep an eye on him, but don’t push, just let him develop his own pace. Congrats on the clean ultrasound and good luck!

  • benny55

    Good feedback from Otis. Take it slow. Pibbles is still getting used ro three legs and it’s very exhausting at first. Muscles are sore at first. It’s still very early in recovery.

    That picture is sooo sweet! Such a handsome boy!

    Congratulations on getting the chemo done AND great test results!

    It’s wonderful hearing how well he’s doing. His sparkle will continue to come back bigger and brighter than before!

    Looking forward to more great updates AND pictures!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • Daniela & Johnnie

    Our experience with Johnnie was exactly like Otis’. We did use Cerenia and fed him home-made chicken soup for the first three days post-chemo (chicken, rice, carrots). The roller-coaster is exactly as described: once they are better, on the 3rd week, comes the next round of chemo. Congrats on the clear x-rays! paws crossed that all will go well.
    hugs from Daniela & Johnnie

  • jerry

    That’s pretty cool that you got good news from the vet, yay!

    As you can see, everyone here has fantastic insight about the chemo experience. Take things one day at a time and this will be behind you before you know it.

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