Chemo 2 complete..maybe

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imageSo Bentley went in for his second chemo yesterday happy as a clam. When I picked him up he was still super happy and excited. It was a bit hot out but we walked home from the hospital (about a 15 min walk) it took longer though naturally. I might have given him too many lamb lung treats and a little too much ice cream. (But it was only a few licks) But he did throw up when we were a block from home. He also drank some water pretty fast half way through the walk. His throw up was bubbly and white but I didn’t look much further than that. The oncologist technician said if I didn’t see a capsule than he should still have gotten the chemo. I went back to check the throw up and only saw some lamb lungs. I’m just concerned he threw up the chemo and I couldn’t see it. I wish there was a way I could tell by his behavior. He seems the same, maybe a bit more tired but didn’t throw up again. I hope he still has it in his system!

Other than that he’s doing great as a tripawd and even had his first tripawd swimming session a few days ago and did great!

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3 weeks 3 legs and so much Progress

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

I can’t tell you how happy I am! Bentley is doing so great only three weeks after surgery and one week after his first chemo treatment. He can now go down the stairs all by himself and up (when I help him with the webmaster harness). He also walks further and without as many treats! He is still stubborn and if he doesn’t want to go a certain way lots of cookies are involved because I can’t pull him to start moving. I was having a tough time myself for a bit and didn’t want to admit it, but now that he’s walking and has his energy back I’m getting use to our new normal. i can’t believe how I thought this wouldn’t have been possible, but I can see Bentley is happy and pain free!!! My new favorite thing he does is sometimes forgets he can’t lift his back leg that he still has and goes into a peeing handstand. He’s going to be a doggy gymnast!

Chemo- Round 1

SleepingBToday Mr. B went in for an abdominal ultrasound to check if there were any more tumors or visible cancer formations. Good news there was nothing! I was going to wait a bit longer for chemo, but the oncologist said she thinks he’s healthy enough now to start so he also started his first treatment. When I picked him up he had more energy than usual and I could see more life in his eyes. (He didn’t have any tramadol today which i think is where his extra energy came from) however, the second we got in the taxi to come home he passed out on the floor, which is not like him. Normally he moves from window to window but he was calm this morning so I’m not worried. I was thinking maybe since he was walking well out of the hospital he would be able to walk a little bit home. Boy was I wrong he was stubborn and only wanted to walk the direction away from home. After standing in the same spot for 10 minutes I carried him to the end of the block and then made him walk the rest of the way home (which took a neighbor getting him excited to move).
In other news he has been able to walk down stairs with my assistance using the web master harness and walk up some. It is amazing that when he wants to move he can with no problem. He just learned if he stands still more people will come by and pet him.

First Week Completed!

It’s been a full week with new Tripawd Bentley! He’s doing okay. Finally started eating his food again slowly and on his time throughout the day instead of just pepperoni and hamburgers (that’s all he would accept). When we go for walks to pee he is enjoying getting carried up and down the 3 flights of stairs. He has walked down a few times when I hold his harness (webmaster) which I LOVE. Thank god for this site or I’d have no idea of anything. His ‘missing’ leg now twitches all the time. I’ve briefly seen this mentioned in posts, but not sure what it means? Is it phantom pains? Also when he goes outside he stands there for about 10/20 minutes then will move a few inches and stand again. Anyone else have experience with this? I’m just happy I see him getting a little less pain med sleepy and more alert and himself each day! Until then I’m enjoying my cuddle bug!!

First Hours with a New Tripawd

I picked Bentley up a little while ago and he came running down the hallway like he did when I first met him at the shelter almost 3 years ago. Of course I was so happy to see him but also freaking out he was going to slip and fall. My dad came into town to help me and him and his granddog are best buds, so that didn’t help B’s excitement level either. I brought him a new tennis ball to cheer him up if he was mopey, but he took it and jumped right on the bench to play with it. I didn’t hear anything the discharge vet was telling me so I’m glad they wrote it all out. I had a break down walking him out of the hospital seeing him hop and regretting the whole surgery, but I know he is no longer in pain. He’s getting some much needed sleep and I look forward to the ‘worst two weeks’ I’ve been reading about ahead. I’m so happy my baby is home!