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Bentley the Pibble

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Bentley the Pibble

A new lump

July 11th, 2016 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi everyone! I will most likely post another post in the forums for some more advice, but I have some upsetting “news”. Nothing is definite yet, but there is another lump on Bentley’s remaining back leg close to the spot of the last tumor on his amputated leg and it’s starting to look like the first tumor as well. We got a cytology done and it came back inconclusive (of course) so we have an appointment with the surgeon on Thursday to decide to remove it or just take biopsy. It’s still small, but is growing everyday. I really hope it’s not another tumor because he has been doig chemo and i wouldn’t want that to have just been a waste. He is so happy though it’s hard to believe anything is wrong with him. He has a better life than me I think- gets homemade meals, goes swimming, gets accupuncture, and lots of love from everyone he passes on the street. I got through one tumor before with the help of this wonderful tripawd community so I know I can do it again. Nothing we can do now until Thursday but at least I’ll get some peace of mind finally knowing what it is. Jungle

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  • benny55

    Okay…deep breaths…B R E A T H E……B R E A T H E!

    First of all, when we’re on this journey we always jump to the scariest scenario possible! Before this journey, a lump is just a lump. But this crazy journey makes you think the worst and almost always it’s not nearly as bad as we imagine!

    Besides, whatever it is, you’ll identify the issue and .ove forward with a treatment plan.

    Bentley clearly is feeling great and thoroughly enjoying all that spoiling and loving you are giving him 24/7 🙂 This dog is HAPPY! Look at that great photo! Nuttin ‘ wrong with this Mr. Bentley the Pibble!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • mel1207

    He’s so beautiful! I do hope the lump turns out to be nothing to worry about. Fingers crossed for you and Bentley!

    Mel and Rams x

  • hester

    Sending good thoughts for NBD results on the biopsy (no big deal)!

  • Deb

    Sending you lots and lots of paw prayers! I will be looking for your update.

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